Georgia CDL Training - Class A & B

Daly's Truck Driving School - New FacilitiesGeorgia's Premier Truck Driving School - Daly's Truck Driving School offers a 17-Day course for Georgia Class A Commercial Driver's License, and a 7-day course for a Georgia Class B CDL. Both of these courses are available full and part-time. You train on real tractors and trailers, and straight trucks. Daly’s starts classes every week - (full time A) and every other week - (full time B). Part-time classes start less frequently, check the class starts section for exact dates. Class are starting now, why delay your new career any longer.

You will work on real equipment and will receive excellent classroom training where you will not only study for the Georgia Commercial Driving Test, but also meet entry level driver training requirements under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503. At the completion of the training course you will receive an industry recognized certificate and diploma. This is the difference between going to work for a quality company and an average company. In addition, you get the benefit of asking questions to instructors who have real-world truck driving experience. Our instructors will explain everything you need to know about the Georgia CDL permit test and the Road testing process and the real world applications.
Don’t get tricked into a contract. The difference is, at Dalys, you have choices. You do not have to commit to any particular trucking company - before or after school. We encourage you to research different trucking companies. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement and great benefits. You may, however, be looking for a dedicated route with a smaller company. At Daly's you are free to choose for whom you want to work.

If you are not sure what you want, or whom you want to work for, we also offer truck driver entry level job placement. In addition, to help you understand the process of getting your Georgia CDL, we created some information on what to expect - that is: what to expect after getting your CDL, what to expect while getting your Class B CDL, and what to expect while getting your Class A CDL. We also have a resources page page that may answer some of your questions.

Daly's Truck Driving School has the goal of getting you a Georgia CDL. We do, of course, want you to have a trucking job when you pass the Georgia CDL test; so we allow those trucking companies with proven reputations to visit our CDL classes and to make presentations. Some Daly's students will leave training with many different job offers! The choice is yours, once you have decided that you want a CDL, we believe that after visiting Daly's you will make the decision to to train with Georgia's Premier Truck Driving School.